ICIRA2021 Invited Speech Given by Prof. Li Wen

2021-10-10 09:11:00

Bio-inspired Flexible Surfaces, Adhesives, and Tentacles for Soft Robots

Prof. Li Wen

19:30-20:10,October 22, 2021,Yantai

- Presentation Abstract

The ocean covers more than seventy percent of our planet; however, more than eighty percent of our ocean is unobserved and unexplored. This uncharted part of our planet offers huge potential for the industrial sectors, as well as for disruptive, exploration-driven scientific discoveries. Soft robotics are compliant, light-weight, and multifunctional, and these properties offer many advantages over existing rigid robots for a diverse range of underwater applications. Although we have seen progress in areas such as underwater soft robotic grasping, marine biological organs such as the slimy fish skin, adhesion are still less understood but important for developing future underwater soft robots. My talk includes i) flexible skin surfaces and ii) adhesive components for underwater soft robots, iii) octopus tentacle inspired soft robot for improved grasping and manipulation. We envision that these results can provide new design insights into the creation of next-generation soft robots that can interact with various environments but also contribute to our understanding of the functional significance of animal morphology and biomechanics.

- Bio Sketch

Li Wen is a Professor and the Head of the mechatronics and automation Institute, at Department of Mechanical Engineering, Beihang University. His current research interests include bio-robotics, soft robotics, and robotic intelligence. He published over 90 journal/conference papers including Science Robotics, Science Advances, IJRR, IEEE TRO etc. His representative work was featured by Nature, Science, MIT Technology review, and more. He was the recipient of the Chinese National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars in 2018, Steven Vogel Young Investigator Award, and Xiong Youlun Young Scientist Award in 2020. He leads several projects including the Chinese National Science Foundation, Key project etc. Li Wen served as an associate editor of Soft Robotics, editorial board member of Bioinspiration Biomimetics, associate editor of Journal of Bionic Engineering, etc.