ICIRA2021 Invited Speech Given by Prof. Bin Zi

2021-04-19 09:09:49

Consideration on the development status and trend of flexible driving robots

Prof. Bin Zi

August 7,2021,Yantai

- Presentation Abstract

Flexible driving robots are characterized by the application of soft materials and the innovation of the drive mode, which is the combination of hardness and softness. The flexible driving robots have important academic value, extensive engineering demand, and application prospect in equipment manufacturing, medical and health care, national defense security, aerospace science and technology, delivery engineering, and public service, with respect to their good environmental adaptability , safety , dexterity , human-computer interaction performance, and working space. This talk will introduce the flexible driving robots from several aspects including the engineering background, development significance, research status, trends and challenges, key scientific and technological issues, as well as some considerations on the research prospects for the science and technology frontier, the main economic battlefield, the major national needs, and the lives and health of the people.

- Bio Sketch

Bin Zi, Ph.D., Professor, is currently the Dean of School of Mechanical Engineering, Hefei University of Technology, Hefei, China. He has received the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars of China and presided over more than 20 projects including the National Natural Science Foundations of China and National Key Research and Development Program on Intelligent Robots. He has authored two monographs, more than 100 papers and more than 60 authorized invention patents. He is an editorial board member of the Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Sciences, Robot, and Control and Decision. His research interests include the theory, technology and equipment of flexible driving robots, control and automation of intelligent manufacturing system.